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Genius Gun Expanding Foam Click to watch the video

Re-usable up to 6 weeks later!
Genius Gun Expanding Foam is a polyurethane expanding foam with a specially designed patented trigger mechanism ensuring precise dosage and removing the need for an additional gun.

It is easy to use and can be operated with one hand.
The expansion of the foam makes it the ideal gap filler. The foam is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator that sticks to practically all building materials such as brick, concrete, insulation materials, pipes, cables, ducts, wood, metals and plastics (except PP, PE, PTFE and silicones)

SoudaSeal 50LM

Soudaseal 50LM

Soudaseal 50LM is a low-modulus and high movement SMX® joint sealant. This product is highly elastic and has high bond strength on nearly all surfaces. Movement up to +/- 50%, ASTM C920.

Available in 10.1 fl. oz. cartridges and 20 fl. oz. sausages.

SMX Technolgoy and Environmentally Safe


Soudaseal AP

Soudaseal AP (All Purpose) is a one part high quality, gun grade, moisture curing elastomeric waterproofing and sealing material for general construction. It has excellent bond strength to nearly all porous and non-porous substrates without the use of a primer, including concrete, brick, stone, metal, glass and wood. Available in 10.1 fl.oz. cartridges and 20 fl.oz. sausages.

SMX Technolgoy and Environmentally Safe

SoudaSeal FC

Soudaseal FC

Soudaseal Fast Cure SMX® adhesive/sealant with high initial tack. It can be used for high strength sealing and bonding in a wide range of applications.

Available in 10.1 fl. oz. cartridges and 20 fl.oz. sausages.

SMX Technolgoy and Environmentally Safe

SoudaSeal SL

Soudaseal SL

Soudaseal Self Levelling is a SMX® sealant offering superior adhesion to concrete and many other substrates. Ideal for sealing horizontal expansion joints and cracks in sidewalks, patios and foundations. Application in almost all weather conditions.

Available in 20 fl.oz. sausages and 29 fl. oz. pro pack.

SMX Technolgoy and Environmentally Safe

SoudaSeal CL

Soudaseal CL

Soudaseal Crystal Clear SMX® adhesive/sealant. A crystal clear product without compromising performance.

Available in 10.1 fl. oz. cartridges.

SMX Technolgoy and Environmentally Safe


Soudaseal Metalbond

Soudaseal Metalbond is a solvent free, high quality, single component HVAC ducting sealant for all types of metal ducts. This high performance product is engineered for a wide range of sealing and bonding applications. It is based on MS-Polymer®.

SMX Technolgoy and Environmentally Safe

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Soudal is a global leader in sealants, foams and adhesives, operating in over 100 countries, including a state of the art manufacturing and distribution facility in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Soudal Inc. excels at offering solutions with advanced product and service knowledge. We are committed to superior customer service.

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